Summer 2019 
(Absent from photo: Sahar Javadi, Jonathan Le)

Located at the Waisman Center of University of Wisconsin-Madison, our laboratory is part of the Department of Neuroscience and Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Center.   We strive to adapt, develop, and integrate state-of-art approaches to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying neurogenesis and neuronal development.

Contact Phone: (608) 890-4392


Welcome Dr. Kristy (Yu) Guo (postdoc), Ryan Risgaard (research intern), Jyotsna Pandey (Khorana Summer Scholar) to our lab!

New Awards:

  • Sahar Javadi (graduate student) is awarded a prestigious Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship!
  • Dr. Minjie Shen (postdoctoral fellow) receives a highly competitive postdoctoral fellowship from Fragile X Research Foundation (FRAXA).
  • Johnson Hoang (UW junior) receives a prestigious Hilldale Fellowship for Undergraduate Research from UW-Madison. He recently represents UW-Madison (as one of 6 undergraduates) to present in the state capitol.
  • Our lab receives a new pilot fund from John Merck Fund to derive new iPSC cells from individuals with fragile X syndrome and exhibit differential cortical excitability based on extensive clinical assessment. This is a collaboration with Dr. Anita Bhattacharyya (UW-Madison) and Dr. Craig Erickson (University of Cincinnati).

Our New Publication: Shen M, Wang F, Li M, Sah N., Stockton ME, Tidei JJ, Gao Y, KorabelnikovT, Kannan S, Vevea JD, Chapman ER, Bhattacharyya A, and Zhao X.  Reduced mitochondrial fusion and Huntingtin levels contribute to impaired dendritic maturation and behavioral deficits in Fmr1 mutant mice.  Nature Neuroscience (2019)   Link to the article (here): 

News about our article (here) and (here)