Located at the Waisman Center of University of Wisconsin-Madison, our laboratory is part of the Department of Neuroscience and Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Center.   We strive to adapt, develop, and integrate state-of-art approaches to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying neurogenesis and neuronal development.

Contact Phone: (608) 890-4392

Welcome Sudharsan Kannan (Khronana Scholar), Aidan Meara (Univ of Chicago), and Jianyi Wang (USTC, China) to do summer research in our lab!

We are excited that Michael Stockton will continue in our lab as a research intern! 

Congratulations to our seniors who have earned their bachelor degree from UW-Madison: – all of them have published peer-reviewed articles before graduation!! 

  • Laurel Kelnhofer (mentored by Yu Gao, graduated Dec 2016)
  • Kathryn Ness (mentored by Meng Li, graduated Dec 2016)
  • Charles Giuliani (mentored by Yu Gao, graduated May 2017)
  • Michael Stockton (mentored by Kevin Yue Li, graduated May 2017)
  • Dianne Maglaque (mentored by Meng Li, graduated May 2017)

New Awards:

  • May: Ryan Risgaard (UW freshman, mentored by Jack Hunt) is awarded 2017 Summer Term Research Experience Scholarship from WiScience. 
  • April: Dr. Yue (Kevin) Li was selected as one of 10 finalists for the Rapid Fire (90 sec) presentation. He then won the competitive poster award 2nd place at the 12th Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium ($300 cash).
  • April: Jessica Miller (UW Biology junior, supervised by Dr. Yue Li) is awarded Hilldale Fellowship for undergraduate research.

New Achievement

  • July 23: We had our combined annual Lab Undergraduate DataBlitz and lab annual summer picnic. Michael Stockton, Annie Novak, Molly Parries, SuDharsan Kannan, Jianyi Wang, Lucy Zhao, and Johnson Hoang presented their research projects.

Hot New Publications! 

  • Patzlaff NP, Nemec KM, Malone S, Li Y, Zhao X. Fragile X related protein 1 (FXR1P) regulates proliferation of adult neural stem cells. (2017) Hum Mol Genet (in press).
  • Emily Jobe and Yu Gao’s recent paper in the Journal of Neuroscience (Methyl-CpG binding protein MBD1 regulates neuronal lineage commitment through maintaining adult neural stem cell identity) is highlighted by a Journal Club online (you can also see the response from Emily and Yu)