The Zhao Lab accepts applications from undergraduate students at the beginning of each semester.  Eligible candidates are motivated freshman or sophomore students who are interested in a research career, maintain a science GPA of at least 3.3, and are available to work 25 hours/week in the summer.  Undergraduates typically begin by performing laboratory chores for at least 4 months prior to joining a research team led by a graduate student or post-doctoral scientist.  These students frequently become co-authors on scientific papers in the future.  If interested, please send your resume to  Dr. Zhao (xinyu.zhao(AT)wisc(DOT)edu)

Highlights of Our Undergraduate Training:

  • Undergraduate research training is an integral part of our lab. Upon acceptance into our lab, undergraduate students become our lab mates. 
  • Undergraduate students can earn research credits (Neurodept 699, between 1 and 4 credits per semester;  minimal 5 hour hands-on research/week for each credit). 
  • Students who have passed initial training (at least 4 months) may join one research team (working under one postdoctoral fellow or graduate student project leader) in the lab. 
  • Our undergraduate students are encouraged to present in UW annual Undergraduate Symposium
  • Students who carry out our lab research in the summer present in our lab annual Undergraduate Data Blitz (July or Aug every summer)
  • Our undergraduate students have been awarded competitive Hilldale fellowship and Waisman Center Distinguished Undergraduate Research award. 
  • Most of our lab publications have undergraduate co-authors. 
  • Many of our past undergraduate students are now in graduate (PhD, MD, dental school, PT/PhD, Genetics Counseling etc) programs.