Graduate Students

The Zhao Lab aims to train graduate students to be future leaders in the research world and accepts students from a variety of disciplines and graduate programs.  Dr. Zhao is a graduate student trainer for the following programs:

Cellular & Molecular Biology (CMB)

Cellular & Molecular Pathology (CMP)


Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology (MCP)

Neuroscience Training Program (NTP)

Physiology Graduate Training Program (PGTP)

Ideal candidates are highly motivated, organized, and have extensive lab experience ( e.g. 1+ year as a research technician and/or publication record). Interested students must first be accepted into one of the graduate programs listed above.  The lab will not sponsor direct-admit students. If you are interested in a lab rotation, please send your graduate application packet, including a CV, to Dr. Zhao [xinyu.zhao(AT)wisc(DOT)edu].