2022 Our Lab’s Annual Undergraduate Student Data Blitz (July 26), followed by a celebration at the Terrace! Again, the Sousa lab joined us. Our undergraduate presenters: Sebastian Krebsbach, Duc Phan, Iksha  Dhawan, Ezra Jarzembowski, Callie Greene (Lawrence University), Natalie Wolkoff, Amaya Contractor, Edward Chang. Excellent job done! -congratulations to presenters, undergraduate captains Sabrina Huang and Keegan Schoeller, and their mentors: Yu Gao, Minjie Shen, Kristy Guo, Sabrina Huang, Keegan Schoeller, Moosa Syed, and Carissa Sirois.

2022: Celebration at the Terrace: Natasha passed prelim exam. Farewell to Keegan who will attend PhD program at UIUC.

2021 Annual Undergraduate Student Data Blitz.

2021. Farewell party for Jonathan and Tomer

2019 Winter Party

2019 Annual Undergraduate Student Data Blitz. Undergraduate presenters: Keegan Schoeller, Haakon Schriefer, Tomer Korabelninov, Jyotsna Pandey, Jonathan Le, Johnson Hoang. Excellent job done -congratulations to presenters, undergraduate captain Ryan Risgaard, and their mentors: Yu Gao, Minjie Shen, Sudharsan Kannan, Sahar Javadi, Michael Stockton!

2019 Lab Summer Picnic at the Madison Mallard Baseball Game

2018 Winter Party

2018 Summer Social at the Union Terrace

  • 2016 Winter (White Elephant) Party (@Xinyu’s house)
  • 2015 Winter Party (@Xinyu’s house)


  • 2015 Lab Summer Picnic (@Hill Farm Swim Club)
  • 2014 Winter Holiday White Elephant Party (@Xinyu’s house)
  • 2014 Lab Summer Picnic (@Lake Wingra Park)
  • Farewell to Weixiang Guo (April 2014) who is now a Professor/Principle Investigator at Chinese Academy of Science (Beijing).
  • 2013 Lab Picnic ( @Devil’s Lake)
Celebrate Emily and Natalie’s successful completion of preliminary exams
  • Captures of Everyday Lab Life: 
Lab meeting
Lab 2014 Undergraduate Data Blitz
Dan Magyar: UW Undergraduate Symposium
Ismat Bhuiyan: UW Undergraduate Symposium
Eric Polich: UW Undergraduate Symposium
Yu Gao presenting at Stem Cell Symposium at UW
Yu Gao presenting at Stem Cell Symposium at UW
Dr. Juan Su, Visiting Professor
2015-03-09 16.09.39 HDR
2015 MCP symposium
2015-03-09 16.25.02 HDR
Natalie Patzlaff (graduate student co-organizer) and Professor Elaine Fuchs, the keynote speaker, at 2015 MCP symposium.
2015-03-09 16.01.35 HDR
2015-03-09 16.01.23 HDR Joey Tidei presents are MCP 2015 symposium
2015-03-09 16.25.34
Emily Jobe presents at MCP 2015 Symposium
2015-03-09 16.09.56 HDR
Kevin (Yue) LI presents at MCP 2015 symposium
2015-03-03 16.05.08
Farewell to Luuk Picavet (intern from University of Amsterdam)

Past photos: