Previous Lab Members

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Natalie Patzlaff, PhD (MCP graduate student 2012-2017), UW-Madison, NIH NRSA scholar. Washington Scholar 2016.

Dianne Maglaque-(Undergraduate Researcher 2015-2017); Trewartha undergraduate senior thesis award (UW L&S, 2017)

Charles Giuliani –(Undergraduate Researcher 2015-2017);

Lance Mulder, intern (MS program, University of Amsterdam 2016-2017)

Kate Ness – (Undergraduate Researcher 2015-2017);

Laurel Kelnhofer: (Undergraduate Researcher 2012-2016; Hilldale Fellow)

Kelsey Nemec (Undergraduate Researcher 2013-2016; Hilldale Fellow): research technician at University of Colorado, Boulder.

Emily Jobe, PhD (CMB graduate student 2011-2016, MBTG fellow).

Jalil Ghorbani (Undergraduate Researcher 2015-2016): University of Iowa Dental School. 

Dan Magyar (Undergraduate Researcher 2012-2015; Hilldale Fellow): UW-Madison Physical Therapy student.

Feifei Wang, PhD (postdoctoral fellow 2014-2015): Associated Professor, Pharmacology Research Center, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Lucas Picavet, MS (MS intern from University of Amsterdam, 2014-2015): PhD student at UMC Utrecht (Netherlands)

Erich Polich (Undergraduate Researcher 2011-2014; Hilldale Fellow)

Weixiang Guo, PhD (postdoctoral fellow 2008-2014; UW SCRMC Research Fellow): Principal Investigator, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology.

Ismat Bhuiyan (Undergraduate Researcher 2011-2015): graduate student at University of Indiana.

Juan Su, PhD (visiting professor 2012-2013): Associate Professor, Key Laboratory of Animal Physiology and Biochemistry of Ministry of Agriculture, College of Veterinary Medicine, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210095, P.R. China

Guihong Yang, PhD (visiting professor 2015-2016):

Joseph Tidei (Intern 2014-2016):